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Author: Robert Fisher

NH Thinks You’re a Bad Customer, Even When You Pay.

Two Questions I’ll begin by asking two questions: If a customer is not in good standing, does that mean he or she is in bad standing? Can you be considered a customer in bad standing if you’ve never missed a payment? The answers to these seemingly innocuous questions may be obvious to you. They certainly don’t look complicated to me. But according to the New Hampshire government, the answers might not be what you expect. Many who know me already know the saga I’ve been through with my local power company, Eversource. Many who don’t know me but live in...

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Welcome to Signal 603

Welcome to Signal603. It’s a project that has been in the works for years, but has finally come to fruition at the beginning of the 2017 term in the NH House. I’m Representative Robert Fisher, serving my second term in the NH House. Also joining us will be Rep Nick Zaricki, and some occasional special guests with some fresh new viewpoints that I think we’ll all appreciate. Our goal with this project is to dismantle the nonsense and mindless mistakes that we discover in government. We’re in a unique position to do so, since our jobs require us to...

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Everybody in NH is wrong about the Transgender Bathroom Bill. Are they all hallucinating?…


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