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Author: Nick Zaricki

Does Eversource get to interpret the rules?

  Many of you have been following the issue with Eversource and its revamped “deposit policy”, as well as the formal complaint Representative Fisher has filed with the Public Utilities Commission [PUC]. You can read up on the complaint here, but the main point comes down to the term “in good standing” PUC rule 1203.03 states [emphasis mine]; In lieu of a deposit, a utility shall: Accept the irrevocable written guarantee of a responsible party such as a social service organization, a municipal welfare agency, a bank, or a customer in good standing of the utility as a surety for a...

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Eversource and the PUC

Isn’t it odd how many of the problems with outrageous government policies harming citizens in NH has to do not with the laws our elected officials pass, but the rules our appointed bureaucrats make up?

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Everybody in NH is wrong about the Transgender Bathroom Bill. Are they all hallucinating?…


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