The Public Utilities Commission has granted the motion for rehearing for the definition of “Good standing” which Eversource has previously claimed should mean twelve timely payments, and the Public Utilities Commission previously defended as a “reasonable” definition (while simultaneously holding the position that it shall be defined as the common understanding of the phrase.)

Excerpts From the PUC:

Your motion argues that Puc 1203 does not define “good standing” and that Eversource’s imposition of 12 month requirement is unreasonable. The motion argues that the phrase should carry “the common understanding of the term,” citing definitions from many other sources. The motion asks the Commission to find “that [the guarantor], a customer in good standing with Eversource, using the common understanding of the term, meets the qualifications of… Puc 1203.03(i) and therefore must have his written guarantee accepted.” Eversource timely objected, arguing the motion raises no new issues or matters that the Commission overlooked or misapprehended.

After a review of the pleadings and further consideration, the Commission has granted your motion and will conduct a hearing on August 10, 2015 at 1:30 p.m

Notice that they phrased it to show that it was my argument that we must use the common understanding of the term. This is false. In fact, it was in their original ruling that “the Commission applies the common understanding of that term to determine whether a utility’s practices are reasonable.”

Nevertheless this is good news, and I will update with news as it comes.